Redecker Planting Clamps
Redecker Planting Clamps

Redecker Planting Clamps

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These Redecker Wooden Planting Clamps are a great way of keeping your plants under control in your garden, allotment or greenhouse - without resorting to plastic ties.

They are particularly good as they can be moved around easily, and they have large holes so there is plenty of space for the plants to grow in them without damaging the stems. These wooden planting clamps can be used for climbing plants such as cucumbers, beans, sweet peas etc.

We'll be testing these more this summer, especially with the tomatoes in our greenhouse.

Supplied in a pack of 10 units - each is 11.5 cm long and made from Beech.

You can either buy these Redecker Wooden Planting Clamps by themselves, or as part of our 'Wooden Planting Companion Set.'