Niwaki T-Type tool box - Grey
Niwaki T-Type tool box - Grey

Niwaki T-Type tool box - Grey

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Niwaki have brought out their own branded version of this classic Japanese pressed steel tool box.

Stamped with the katakana for Niwaki - this is the light grey version which is almost a matt silver.  It's also available in a bright yellow here.

We reckon this small Niwaki T-Type toolbox would be good for storing seeds. And they can be stacked on top of each other... so you can add more boxes as you need. There is also a larger Niwaki Y-Type toolbox that has a bit more room for storing tools.

Niwaki T-Type Tool Box

  • 19cm long, 5cm high and 9 cm wide. 
  • Hinged along the long side and with a positive click closure.

This tool box is very similar in design to the Toyo T-190 tool boxes which are available in other colours and can be found here.