Niwaki Pouch

Niwaki Pouch

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We don't spent hours up a ladder pruning - so we don't need to wear a bag to keep our garden tools to hand. We're also, generally speaking, more into using holsters for our secateurs, or are tool belt gardeners than pouch people. And if we were heading over to someone else's garden we'd pack up the Carhartt tool bag.

That all said - don't let us put you off - none of the above doesn't mean we don't really rate the Niwaki Pouch - it's just that we, personally, don't use it ourselves. We know they are extremely popular and gardeners love using them. 

How can you use it?  Well, the first clever thing about this Niwaki Pouch is that you can wear it as either a belt pouch (it has belt loops) or a shoulder bag (the strap is removable). The second great thing is that the Niwaki Pouch has got reinforced inner and outer pockets to hold your sharp stuff - meaning that you'll safely have your secateurs to hand. Another use may be to keep all your secateur maintenance kit together in one place (Crean Mate, sharpening stones etc). 

The Niwaki Pouch:

  • Size = 19 x 17 x 4 cm
  • Material = heavy duty, water resistant 16 oz canvas