Niwaki Mainichi Left Handed Secateurs

Niwaki Mainichi Left Handed Secateurs

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We've made sure that we stocked left handed scissors from as soon as we could.  That's probably due to having both a mother and brother in law that are left handed and having heard their frustrations over the years.

So why are we only now stocking a left handed secateur?  Simple answer is that we haven't been able to find one that we liked at what we felt was a sensible price point.  With around 10% of the world population being left handed, L/H products tend to be more expensive than the equivalent R/H version.  That's just down to volume of production but we've seen it where the increase is just too much to be able to justify.

We tested the R/H version of the Mainichi Secateurs when Niwaki first released them.  We decided not to stock them, as although we liked them, we didn't feel they were different enough to our firm favourites, the Sentei's.  We like to keep your decision process as simple as possible!

However the Sentei's aren't available in L/H, and now that the Mainichi's are it made sense to offer them.  What's also great is they are the same price as the R/H version.

Made in Japan from SK85 carbon steel.  They weigh 210grams, 55mm blade length and 203mm overall length.

Each arm is a two piece construction, with the handles riveted to the blade section.

Like all carbon steel, these will get some surface rust and tarnishing with use.  They can easily be cleaned using Crean Mate and kept oiled with Camelia Oil.