Niwaki Kneeler

Niwaki Kneeler

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Can we get excited about a kneeler? Well, yes we can actually. 

The Niwaki kneeler is perfect for keeping your knees dry, clean and comfortable whilst gardening. This obviously should be pretty fundamental to the design of a garden kneeler - but we've previously been given and used kneelers that haven't been great (too small, too thin, too poor quality). 

The Niwaki kneeler is heavy duty, water resistant 16oz canvas. Niwaki says it has "Five glorious centimetres of sponginess protect your knees". We'd just say it's deep, which means its doing its job of keeping your knees off cold, wet or hard ground. 

It's got the simple Japanese design that Niwaki is renowned for, but it still looks good if you're giving it as a gardening gift. It has a useful carry strap so it's easily moveable around the garden. And - importantly - to bring it in after you've finished gardening. If you get into the habit of putting it away, it'll be able to dry out and stay looking good and working well for longer. 

Niwaki kneeler product information:

  • Size: 48cm x 28cm x5.5cm
  • Weight: 450grams

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