Niwaki Crean Mate
Niwaki Crean Mate

Niwaki Crean Mate

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The Niwaki Crean Mate is a fab little scouring block for cleaning resin, rust and other gunks from blades. Dip one end of the block into some water for a few seconds (you don't need to soak it like a wet stone.) Then use the Crean Mate as you would a rubber. It will develop a small amount of slurry that helps clean rust and sap from the surface metal.  It has a fairly rough texture and might scratch polished surfaces, so we suggest testing before use on prize blades.

You can use Crean Mate with oil, rather than water, but I prefer using water.  Once you've switched to oil you'd need to stay with it.

The Large Crean Mate block is 6.5 x 4.0 x 1.8cm.  The Small is around half the size at 6.5 x 2 x 1.8cm, but will still last a really long time.

** Unfortunately we will out of stock of the large Niwaki Crean Mate until mid March.  We do have an alternative thats available here. **

If you want to learn more about how to use Niwaki Crean Mate - to easily clean, sharpen and repair garden secateurs - using Crean mate, Niwaki sharpening stones and Camellia oil - you can either watch our Instagram video (just click on the box) or you can read our Tinker and Fix 'how to' maintenance mindset blog.  



** For a long time we referred to this as 'Cream Mate' - as both of us are dyslexic so we read what we thought we saw, rather than what was written.  It's never been 'cream mate' - always 'crean mate'!