Mora 106 Wood Carving Knife
Mora 106 Wood Carving Knife
Mora 106 Wood Carving Knife

Mora 106 Wood Carving Knife

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I've been on a couple of green wood working courses and noticed that most people were carrying their own Sloyd style wood carving knives.

When I asked about which knife to go for one brand name came up repeatedly and that was Mora.  They have a long tradition of making sloyd style carving knives and are still produced in Sweden.

The Mora Frost 106 is a great knife to start carving with.  It features a large barrel shaped Birch handle which makes it easy to grip.

The blade is carbon steel, 82mm long and 2.5mm thick.  I've found this to be a useful  length for both detail work and roughing out.

Scandi grind so relatively straight forward to sharpen and maintain.

Supplied with a basic but functional black plastic sheath.

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