Garden Tool Maintenance Kit
Garden Tool Maintenance Kit

Garden Tool Maintenance Kit

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Buying good quality garden tools is a great start.  They usually do a better job, and are more enjoyable to use.

If you'd like them to last a lifetime then a bit of maintenance is important.

This kit covers of most of your basic task of keeping your garden tools in top condition.

The kit includes the following;

  • a large brass brush.
  • a garden tool brush
  • 200ml Boiled Linseed oil
  • Lint free cloth.

The Garden Tool brush is a wooden handled, stiff bristled brush.  Designed for regular use to clean mainly soil from digging tool.  The wooden handle has a chisel end to scrap off tried on soil.

For more stubborn jobs, like removing surface rust, the brass brush comes into its own.  You shouldn't need to use this anywhere as frequently as the other brush.

If your tools have wooden handles they'll appreicate a rub over with Boiled Linseed Oil.  We tend to do this once a year in the spring on all our tools and then sporadically on specific tools that look a little "dry" through the year.  You only need a small amount and the lint free cloth makes it easy to apply.