Buck 112 Ranger Pocket Knife
Buck 112 Ranger Pocket Knife
Buck 112 Ranger Pocket Knife

Buck 112 Ranger Pocket Knife

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I've had a Buck knife since one was given to me when I was a teenager.  The combination of brass and wood on the handle has appealed ever since.  That first Buck knife was the classic 110 model and then I subsequently purchased another special edition 110 when I was in the States.

Although I love both of them they've always felt on the large size for the UK and that's why I was really interested when I realised they now did a slightly smaller version of the 110 called the 112 Ranger.

It's exactly that - same shape as the 110 but a scaled down version.  Still great size in the hand.  The blade length is 3 inches and made from 420C stainless steel

Made in the USA with ebony and brass on the handle.

Given that I already own two 110's I've not been able to justify adding a 112 ... yet.

Both this 112 and the 110 benefit from the addition of a small brass thumb stud to the blade.  This makes them a lot easier to open one handed.

This knife features a locking mechanism and is therefore not legal carry in the UK.


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