£25 and under gifts

Gift ideas for £25 and under from Tinker and Fix - for people who like DIY, cars, gardening, making, mendingSometimes we have a fixed price in mind for what we want to pay. Especially when it comes to gifts. There can be different amounts you like to spend for different people for whom you need to buy a gift for. Which is why, when we go to events we’ll often give people ideas around price brackets – so they can the perfect gift, in and around the amount of money they want to spend.

So – here’s our £25 and under price guide...

  • Elementary Screwdriver No. 2 – if Carlsberg made screwdrivers…one of our best-selling gifts.
  • Hori Hori – the gardening tool of the moment, they will thank you for this – no doubt at all
  • Painted hammer – of course they have a hammer, but not one personalised to your colour choice
  • Paint tin opener – something you don’t need, but is so brilliantly made it will forever make the recipient smile (and appreciate blacksmith mastery)
  • Sneeboer garden tool sharpener – the gift of sharp tools forever, what’s not brilliant about this?
  • Opinel DIY knife – if they have everything else in their toolbox, guaranteed they won’t have this and they’ll like it.
  • Workshop dustpan and brush set – sounds dull, looks glorious, will last a lifetime and the patina over time will be totally personal.
  • Deejo penknife – they may have other pen knives, but not one as small, light and frankly brilliant as this.
  • Opinel Penknife in a pouch – because sometimes people really like to receive a gift set – and this is a good one.

If you want to chat through any of these ideas, or need some additional help on choosing the right gift for a birthday or celebration, do email us or contact us via instagram and we'll do our best to help.  We can always send the presents direct if that's easier too (we can put in a note, or you can buy one of the cards we stock which we'll write for you).