Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin

Our focus is keeping cars, motorbikes and bikes maintained well - so they are clean and safe - we're not into 'detailing' or perfection. 

The team at Proper Cleaner wanted to do things a little differently to other car or bike cleaning products.  They were getting through a lot of cleaner and were frustrated by the heavy 1 litre bottles being delivered and throwing away perfectly usable spray bottles when they were empty.  It just didn't make sense to them given that 70% of the Earth is covered in water - why ship it all over the place.  So they developed a general cleaner that could be made into a dissolvable sachet.  This meant that you only had to ship the little sachet and then add water from the tap.  It also solved the concern about the single use spray bottle as it was now easy just to reuse the spray bottle after the initial purpose.

Proper Cleaner is fully biodegradable, alkaline based and not tested on animals. It's safe to use on all surfaces, including carbon fibre and anodised parts.  The formula works really well - I happen to know the guys that developed it and the efforts they went to ensure the performance was top notch.

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