King Dick Tool Boxes

I've been for a few meetings with King Dick at their factory near Birmingham.  Their meeting room doubles as a show room ... which isn't great for my concentration as I'm easily distracted at the best of times.  Let alone when surrounded by tools.

Along one wall is a display of their roller cabinets and top chests.  At first I assumed they were generic items that they'd sourced and applied their logos.  I should have known better than that being the case with King Dick.

It turns out they have them made here in the UK - sourcing elements from three different manufacturers, to build what they believe is the best product on the market.

Yes, they are expensive. Meaning that they won't be seen in an 'average' garage. But these King Dick Roller Cabinet Tool boxes and chests are made to last and made in the UK. They are made for professional garages or serious car or motorbike restorers.  They are industrial garage standard and we know they're even on oil rigs.  So if you're looking for a serious piece of kit that will last, that you can get replacements for from the UK, or that you want to treat yourself to have painted to match your car - then take a look at the King Dick Tool cabinets and get in touch to discuss what you need.  

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