Wet. Windy. Weather... it's ok, we've got new Otter Wax now in stock...

Wet. Windy. Weather.  As the Met Office issues yet more warnings about wet and windy weather continuing for many through much of this week... it makes us think about Otter Wax and how to keep wet 'out'.

You can waterproof cotton with Otter Wax - it's quite common to do this in America becuase you can take some Carhartt workwear, add some Otter Wax, and you've got waterproof kit. 

Why is this so good? Well, waxed cotton clothing is great because it keeps the wet out even when the outer fabric is dirty, unlike modern "tech" membranes (waterproof kit can stop working because it is a plastic bag coated in chemicals read more here about this).  That's why it's a great choice for working in environments where there is likely to be mud and dirt (i.e. the garage, workshop or garden).  So you can use it all over the clothing you want (e.g. overalls, gardening trousers or walking kit etc). Or you can apply it to just part of your clothes e.g to the front of your jeans (great for if you’re on your bike or motorbike), or – like we do – to the knees of our overalls to avoid wet patches when we are kneeling in the garden.

How do do you use Otter Wax to make items waterproof - basically you can rub it (or paint it if you choose it in the tins) onto any cotton and it makes it water proof.  Here's our tip - cotton hats or caps are really popular (definitely for when you are dog-walking and don’t have a hand free for an umbrella!) and they are also a great ‘starter project’ for Otter Wax – you can see how you apply it, what coverage you need for different levels of waterproofing, and how the wax affects the look and feel of the cotton fabric - becuase it does look different and you can check you like it. 

What's new about this Otter Wax kit? Well we've sold the bars individually for some time, but this kit provides you with all the products you need to reproof and then maintain any waxed garment. 

  • You get two large bars of Otter Wax fabric wax.  One bar should be enough to reproof an XL jacket so this gives you enough for multiple or larger projects.
  • Normal washing of a waxed garment isn't really advised as it will just strip off the wax and you'll have to start the waxing process from scratch each time. So, in the kit you get a 2oz bottle of canvas cleaner.  This is a Castille based solution that is perfect for spot cleaning any particularly dirty areas.
  • You also get a 2oz bottle of Odour Eliminator.  This is design to be sprayed on to the inside (non-waxed) of a garment to combat any smells.  It has a cedar/woody smell and works a bit like Frebrez in that it traps odour molecules.

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