How to use Otter Wax to waterproof a cap...

Otter Wax and Carhartt - from Tinker and Fix - how to Waterproof a hat

It's a perfect storm. You button up your jacket and hunker down into your hat to go for a brisk walk - but the wind won't allow for a brolly. Nor does the holding of two dog leads. 

The solution is a waterproof cap, preferably one that'll keep you warm too. 

 We've got the perfect solution.... pairing up one of our Carhartt flap caps (you can have it 'flaps down' when it's cold, and up when it's not), with some Otter Wax.  We used to sell the Otter Wax caps which were great as they were already waterproofed, but we haven't been able to get our hands on them for a while. So you can 'do it yourself' by getting one of the Carhartt hats and applying Otter Wax yourself. Which means it ticks yet another box - the lockdown boredom box.  Because it does take a little bit of time to apply - but that's something we seem to have on our hands at the moment - so it makes a good weekend project.

Take a look at our Instagram videos (we're @Tinker_and_Fix) - where Edd will show you exactly how to do this with heat activated Otter Wax (he's done one on applying Otter Wax Fabric Bar to the knees of Carharttt dungarees - so if you prefer to use a bar, it's a similar process). 

Or, if you want a step-by-step guide - why not check out the Otter Wax 'how to guide' - they are based in Portland and absolutely know their stuff about how to waterproof things (it's even wetter there than in England). No point us writing another one out... read this, watch Edd's instagram video - then you'll be sorted. 

One bar of Otter Wax will sort out a Carhartt cap and leave you with a lot spare for re-applying or using elsewhere (you can top up your wax jacket or apply to trousers to avoid damp gardening knees).


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