Sneeboer trowels… explained…

Sneeboer Trowels available at Tinker and Fix

We currently sell six different Sneeboer Trowels (not quite a tongue twister, if only we sold them on the seashore):

Edd has done an explainer video on Instagram where he talks through each of these Sneeboer trowels, what they are designed for in the garden and why we rate them. Have a watch of this, or, keep reading for an explainer of each of these different Sneeboer garden tools…

The Sneeboer Old Style Dutch Trowel 

Sneeboer Old Dutch Trowel available at Tinker and Fix

This is the one we get the most questions about and people looking to buy (probably because it’s regularly seen in action on Gardeners World as the trowel used by Monty Don!). It’s a traditional trowel that’s used in Holland for bulb planting. It's designed to be used differently to a standard trowel (as perhaps we in the UK would think of as a ‘trowel’ and how to use them) – as it is completely flat.  Firstly, you can use it a bit like an axe – you can chop at the soil with it, to break up the soil. Then you can push it into the soil and push or pull to make a hole or planting space.  It’s not what you’d use to dig out soil from a hole (as the trowel is flat). It’s all about making a divot and shifting soil around.  Which is perfect if you have soil that you can do this in – lighter soil (like in Holland). Being honest – this Sneeboer Dutch Trowel isn’t our favourite gardening tool (unlike everyone else it seems – because it’s their much loved, ‘must have’ tool). – because of we are in heavy clay soil meaning that it just doesn’t work as well for us as it does for other gardeners.  But don’t let that put you off – just be aware of what soil you have and how you like to garden!

We have three different versions of this popular trowel in stock. The long and short handled versions in cherry, and the long handle in Ash. We get a lot of questions about which one is the best Dutch Trowel to buy – please read our other blog to help you make the right choice.


The Sneeboer Transplanting Trowel 

Sneeboer Transplanting Trowel available at Tinker and Fix

This is a ‘standard’ planting trowel (not that anything Sneeboer make is ‘standard’ – they are the very best quality gardening tools) – in that it looks like what most trowels look like!

This is – we reckon – the perfect all ground general trowel. It’s perfect for digging planting holes as it’s got a bevelled edge (which is the same for all garden tools from Sneeboer). Trowels are cutting tools - you are cutting into the soil – so having the bevel edge means that the trowel is more effective as it ‘cuts’ through the ground easily. And, because it’s a quality gardening tool, designed for life, you can sharpen the edge up, to ensure it continues to work well for years to come.  It has a really nice cherry handle, that fits in the hand well – so it’s comfortable to use for long gardening sessions.


The Sneeboer Tissot Trowel 

Sneeboer Tissot Trowel available at Tinker and Fix
Whilst this may look quite unusual, really it is an adapted version of the transplanting trowel – adapted to deal with heavy or clay soils. It has a double prong, so when you are pushing in to harder soils it makes it easier than just having the one point from a standard transplanting trowel. It makes a huge amount of sense – we reckon this is a great design and can definitely recommend it. Also, if it’s in your hand and you spot some weeds, you can also run it under weeds and it’ll cut them up thanks to the bevelled edge. It has a cherry handle and as it looks distinctive, it does make an interesting gift for gardeners (as they are unlikely to have one and make a good talking point – which is always good!)


The Sneeboer Weeding Trowel 

Sneeboer Weeding Trowels available at Tinker and Fix
This is a longer thinner trowel than the Sneeboer transplanting trowel, designed for weeding. It’s great for working in beds and pots that you want to get rid of weeds from. You can use it for planting (and its depth does help this) but not really for moving lots of soil due to its narrower profile.  We do liken it to the Japanese Hori-Hori garden knife– it’s long and thin and has a sharpened edge. We reckon this is the European equivalent – it has more depth to it, so if you like the idea of a Hori Hori, but you aren’t sure or prefer a more ‘traditional’ trowel – then perhaps this Sneeboer weeding trowel is a better option for you. It has a cherry handle.


The Sneeboer Dandelion Trowel with cherry handle

Sneeboer Dandelion trowel available at Tinker and Fix
This is very similar to the Sneeboer Weeding Trowel – but it is longer and thinner and therefore perfect for removing weeds (like dandelions) that have long tap roots. If you are a lawn perfectionist, this is the perfect garden tool for you! It is heavily curved, so you can take a ‘core’ out of your grass to help you to remove the whole root. It has a cherry handle. Again, this would be a great gift for gardeners – especially lawn lovers - as they are unlikely to have one already.


The Sneeboer Potting Trowel - both left and right handed

Sneeboer  PottingTrowels - left handed and right handed
Great shape and construction – designed for working in and with pot. You can use it when you are repotting plants, to get around them and remove it in the pot. Where it really comes into its own is when you are repotting – it’s a really useful tool that helps you bit a more precise when you are putting compost or soil into your pots. Yes you can use a standard trowel – but this is a really well designed piece of kit that just makes the jobs in the greenhouse or garden patio a bit easier when repotting.

Cleverly, it comes both left and right handed – so that you are funnelling the compost in the right direction. As we have two left handers in our extended family, we know how frustrating it can be to not get tools that function well for them – so we stock both versions (as we do with our Whiteley Scissors).

Again – this could be the perfect gift for gardeners as it really is incredibly unique, looks beautiful, unlikely to be owned already and creates a great conversation when given. Win-win we reckon!

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