Three times the choice for Sneeboer Old Dutch Style Planting Trowel fans!

Three Sneeboer Old Dutch Style Planting Trowel in a row showing three different handles, short cherry, long cherry and long ash handleFinally, there is now three times the choice for Sneeboer Old Dutch Style Planting Trowel fans. 

We've been waiting awhile for Sneeboer's long-handled Cherry Old Dutch Style Planting Trowel - but they are finally now in stock! 
Which means you can now easily see and choose the one that suits you best. 

Here's the size difference: 
Short handle Cherry 14cm handle Total length = 30cm
Long handle Cherry 22cm handle Total length = 39cm
Long handle Ash  27cm handle

Total length = 43cm

And here's what we think you need to take into account when you are choosing between the three different Sneeboer Old Dutch Style Planting Trowels: 
  • There are two versions of the handle in Cherry - a short handle and a long handle. There is only one version of the Ash handle - a long handle.
  • All will wear and get patina with age. The Ash handle looks very light coloured to be begin with - but this does age up over time and having recently repaired an old one, it's taken on a lovely colouration.
  • Both of the Cherry handles have more shape to them and are thinner in diameter - meaning they can potentially better suit a smaller hand. Louise (who wears a medium sized Watson gardening glove) personally finds the Ash handle a bit too thick to comfortably use, with both Cherry versions fitting her hand better. Other testers, with larger hands, like the size of the Ash handle and feel the short Cherry version is not large enough to get a comfortable grip.  
  • All three are heavy - as the trowel is hand forged and the design specifically creates weight so that it can be used in a chopping axe action (to cut through the soil to create a planting hole).  So the handle to weight ratio is a bit more balanced with both longer handled versions. This doesn't mean the short handle one doesn't feel right, it just means you need to be aware of the weight when making your choice. 
  • The longer handle versions are good for getting into borders etc and when you need or want longer reach. The Ash version is 5cm longer than the long Cherry one - so if you have particularly deep borders or want to extend your reach, then take this into consideration. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference - how you like the look of them, how you want to use them, and how they fit in to your hand. What's right for one gardener, may not be right for another. 

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