Our new secateur holster is now available!

leather secateur holster made in England by Edd from Tinker and FixEdd has been playing around with designs for a combined secateur and garden knife holster for awhile.  We're pleased that after a number of prototypes, we've now got a final version. And yes, his love of Westerns has certainly influenced the design. It is absolutely a 'holster' with a strong Clint Eastwood gun slinger vibe to it.  

The holster is hand stitched by Edd and made from 3mm veg tan leather.  This is extremely durable but will soften and shape with wear and use.  It sits nicely on the hip, worn with your own belt.  

The holster fits a Niwaki Sentei secateur and an Opinel No 8 garden knife - two garden tools that we use all the time when gardening and so having them close to hand really makes sense.

eather secateur holster made in England by Edd from Tinker and Fix

If you already have these gardening tools (good choice!) then you can buy the leather holster, or if you don't (or want to get a great gardening gift) then you can also buy it as a set with a new pair of Niwaki Sentei's and an Opinel garden knife.  (The belt is not included and just in the photos for reference). 

Or, if you want a custom design, in a different colour, with different stitching, or for a different set of gardening tools - just get in touch and Edd will have a look at what's possible. 

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