Our 3 suggestions after 3 successive storms…

Kit to help you through the storms from Tinker and Fix

Franklin. Dudley. Eunice. All three have hit the UK in the space of just a week. With all this extraordinary weather we hope you’re all staying safe and that you’ve not incurred any (or too much) damage.

Today’s dog walk along our usual route showed that three large trees have succumbed to the three storms. Thankfully just into their adjacent fields with no other damage done.

Stay safe, stay warm and here our three recommendations for kit that might just help with this stormy weather:

  1. Wrap up against the elements with the help of Carhartt. Two bits of kit we’ve just worn on our walk are the brilliant Carhartt Arctic Vest (Edd), and the genius ear flap cap (which I wear continuously). This Carhartt cap is brilliant in stormy conditions as it keeps the wind out perfectly yet I never worry it’ll blow away as it fits perfectly. They are even better if you waterproof them with Otter Wax.
  2. Working with wood. Whilst Edd’s itching to fire up the chain saw for some opportunistic fallen wood; I’ve banned him until the wind abates. If you do need to prune any smaller trees to save them from damage or to clean up any broken tips, we’ve got a couple of great pruning saws that we recommend – from Niwaki and Opinel. Just click here to read our how to guide on picking the perfect pruning saw. Or, if you just need to keep the home fire burning, one of our axes will help keep your kindling pile full.
  3. Alternatively, why not distract yourself with indoor jobs, when you can’t venture outdoors. You could give your garden tools a bit of TLC ahead of your spring gardening (read our helpful guide here), or you could spend the time proofing or re-proofing some of your kit (jackets, hats etc) with Otter Wax. If neither appeal, have you thought about a Fedeca? This brilliant kit enables you to assemble and customise your own penknife or whittling knife. Which is a great activity to enjoy during a stormy winters’ evening, that you’ll still be enjoying for months and years to come when you put the penknife to use – in hopefully better weather!


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