New - Thermal lined version of the award winning Flextime glove

Thermal leather workshop gloves from Tinker and FixWe’ve had the thermally lined version of the award winning Watson Flextime glove up on the website for awhile.  We’ve not mentioned it much given the mild weather we’ve had so far this winter.  
Given the hard frost this morning and that it’s currently snowing it seemed like the right time to show you them!
Thermal leather gardening gloves from Tinker and FixThey are the same fit as the standard Flextime but with a thin thermal liner to keep your hands warmer.  As a result you do lose some dexterity in the garden and workshop … but that’s a good compromise to keep your hands working on cold days. 
Have a look at this new version here and perhaps add them to your garden or garage wish list (or you could get them as a gift for the gardener or Tinkerer or Fixer in your life?)
- Edd -

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