Launching our Christmas gift guides!

Tinker and Fix gift guides for the perfect presents for Christmas for makers, menders and gardeners

We know it's only the beginning of November, but we also know people are already Christmas shopping! 

So... if you are looking for Christmas present inspiration - then take a look at some of our NEW gift guides !

This year, our gift guides for Christmas show a variety of different price points. Starting off with presents for £25 and under.

Gift guide ideas for under £25 from Tinker and Fix for makers, menders and gardeners   Gift ideas for £25-£50 from Tinker and Fix  Gift guide ideas for £50 to £75 from Tinker and Fix for makers, menders and gardeners   gift ideas for £75+ from Tinker and Fix for Gardeners and DIY
Check out our first Instagram video which talks through some of these great gift ideas.  All of our different gift guides are already up online, and the videos will come out over the next few weeks. 

We definitely think we have got Christmas 'covered' for you - as the our gift guide section on the website also features specific guides for buying a present for for people who like to make, mend and grow - from DIY enthusiasts to gardeners, sewers to car or motor bike restorers, or people who just like to tinker in their garage or workshop. We have the best selection of gifts for each of these groups! Last year's gift guides were focused on the type of person you're looking to buy a gift for - for example the 'seasoned' gardener or the 'lifestyle' gardener, the 'vanlife' fan or (even) 'hipsters'! 

We may be biased but we do reckon we're the best go-to place for presents that are a bit more practical (but still beautiful none the less). Everything we sell at Tinker and Fix has been carefully selected - so we pick our 'best choice' from brands including Sneeboer gardening tools,  Carhartt Workwear, Trusco and Toyo toolboxes, Niwaki garden tools, Leatherman multitools and Opinel Penknives. Along with all of the tools and kit that we make ourselves, including our Frank Toolroll, personalise - our painted axes, hammers and hori-hori garden knives , or have collaborated with others on - our limited edition Skatewood axes Skatewood Hori-Hori garden knives and our Skatewood trowels. Which we think are the perfect, unique, one-off gifts for gardeners. 

If you are still stuck, then don't hesitate to drop us an email or get in touch via instagram and we can hopefully point you in the right direction of a top gift suggestion that will last and be loved.

We're also heading out to some great Christmas fairs and events - to see where we'll be, just click here. If you are coming along, and want anything bringing to have a look at - just get in touch!

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