January birthdays suck...

What’s worse? A birthday in December when everything is focused on festivities, or a birthday early in the year – in January - the month most know for self-imposed restrictions, restraint, and resolutions? We have family birthdays to buy presents for in December, January and very early February and we definitely reckon it’s January. 

Why? Well, this is when it’s our son’s birthday and it’s always a tad bleak to be honest. The weather is usually pretty rubbish which limits what you can do. And, let’s be honest - both money and energy levels can be somewhat depleted after Christmas - so finding that perfect present or gift idea just seems a bit more tricky. It's such a long, long month to get through - but by the time you reach February, you've hopefully had a pay check and you are kind of ready for a bit of birthday fun.

So - to all the January birthdays buyers – we too feel your pain. Perhaps we can help if your recipient is into making, mending or growing – have a scoot round the gift ideas section of the website – we’ve got some cracking suggestions for people who like gardening, DIY, restoring or fixing cars or motorbikes… to help you find the motivation for something they will love as a gift, and to make them smile at this grim time of year!

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