It’s 8 weeks until Christmas day...

Christmas gifts like Carhartt Christmas stockings perfect for carhartt fansIt’s 8 weeks until Christmas day.

Yes, we know it’s still October and we’re sorry for the early mention. But if you are anything like us, Christmas is already infiltrating your feeds. So – it’s 8 weeks until Christmas day, meaning you probably do need to start thinking about gifts – especially if you’re looking to buy something that we make to order; like one of our leather holsters or painted hammers or axes – just as we tend to get a bit busy over the next few weeks…

We've got plenty of practical gift ideas for gardeners, makers and menders - check out the 'gift' section of the website which has loads of recommendations for people who like to garden, make, mend, sew, tinker and fix! 
And at Tinker and Fix you can get everything in one place - including this fab Carhartt Christmas Stocking - meaning you could fill it with your pick of your chosen Sneeboer garden tool, and give it alongside some Niwaki gardening tools. Or you could choose an Opinel penknife and give it as well as some Carhartt or a King Dick spanner or Elementary screwdriver. 

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