Here we go again… ideas to keep you busy during lockdown 2:0

Lockdown project ideas to keep your mind and hands busy - from Tinker and Fix

To say it’s a weird and strange time seems a bit of an understatement. Now that national lockdown 2:0 is in full swing, we thought we’d offer some suggestions to keep your hands and minds busy when you can’t go out and about in the evenings or weekends. Yes, we know you can head out into the garage or garden, but if want something else to do, here are three ideas:

1. Sew up a storm:

We’ve two sewing kits that include everything you need – so no need to source anything else – there’s the Costermonger Bag and the Field Bag. And, as always, you can read our experience of making them – because we really do test what we sell! I have to say – that the Costermonger Bag has become a firm favourite for using – so after you’ve made it, you’ll definitely enjoy it once we can all go back out again!  The Field Bag is great too – it’s much smaller, but you do need something to punch the holes into the leather – so if you don’t have access to this during lockdown, perhaps the Costermonger Bag is a better fit. Again - read about how we made it here. 

Or – you could make your own apron (or bag or coat) – the only thing is you’ll need to source your own fabric if you want to use any of the patterns we have in stock – but if you already have some hanging around, or you can source some, then it’ll definitely keep you occupied for a few hours. Check out our tips on making the Victor apron here. 

2. Try Otter Wax

You know those jobs that you often put off? Well, now you have some spare time, what about tackling one of them…..namely restoring your jackets, shoes and bags back to their former glory? You could use some Otter Wax to

  • Treat your waxed jackets to a bit of love – they need re-waxing regularly (we’d suggest annually – but it depends on how much you use it obviously).
  • Sort your shoes and boots – clean and care for your footwear to protect them against the elements too. Leather is a skin (sorry to any vegetarians or vegans reading this) and so it needs to be cleaned and nourished via leather oil to stop it from cracking and to keep it supple and conditioned.

    3. Scratch the itch of making your own knife

    We can’t all have our own forge. These great kits from Fedeca enable you to build and customize your own Japanese penknife. You get everything you need – and with time on your hands you can chose to spend as long as you like on carving, whittling and personalizing it.

    There are two options to chose from – the Folding Knife Kit and the Craft Knife Kit (which is perhaps a bit more accessible at £39.95 – whilst the other does make a cracking gift at £69.95).

    If you do have a go with any of these, let us know how you get on…

    Stay safe.


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