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Best brushes for Spring Cleaning in the garden, workshop, garage or home, from Tinker and Fix

Apparently there’s a superstition that you shouldn’t sweep or dust on New Year’s Day. The logic (?!) is that you need to let the dust settle on the new year before you do any cleaning. In case you inadvertently sweep out your good luck with the rest of the debris.

We’re up for any superstition that helps avoid housework. And, as the famous retailer says, every little helps – so if our tardiness also avoids any potential risk to our luck, it’s a ‘win-win’ scenario from our perspective.

But given we’re now a few days in, and the dust has definitely begun to settle in on the New Year, the excuse to not get the broom out has probably passed now. But that’s not a huge problem as we have a bit of ‘thing’ for brushes in the Tinker and Fix house. It’s difficult to rank or rate the brushes we sell because they all have a very different purpose (and therefore they are all equally good) – so instead here’s our ‘best brush’ list… great for Spring cleaning, but also great for the rest of the year too…

  1. Workshop dustpan and brush: as aesthetically pleasing to have hanging up as it is to use. The name is a bit of a misnomer – yes, we’ve got one in the garage, but we’ve also got one that hangs in the house too for the wooden/tiled floors.
  2. Heavy Duty Nail Brush: probably the most regularly used brush in the Tinker and Fix house– as well as easily removing soil and dirt from fingernails after a good session in the garden, it also works brilliantly for general oil and garage or workshop dirt. It looks pretty well used on our utility room sink, after a 18m+ of use – so it won’t win any awards or Instagram praise – but it carries its stains with pride for a job done brilliantly.
  3. Alloy Wheel Brush: used every time the cars are washed. Whilst we don’t do concourse clean cars, we do rate this useful brush for keeping alloys clean. It’s a good addition to your car wash kit that you'll grow to really rate. With  the current winter weather being really wet and mucky, the alloy wheel brush, along with the motorcycle and bike brush, have both certainly had more use than normal years.
  4. The boot cleaning and shine brush are hideously underused in the Tinker and Fix household, but that’s really not their fault. Given how much more we work from home, they have begun to gather a bit more dust between outings. But they definitely come into play when it’s the beginning of a new school term – usually twice – once will be our son’s below par effort, followed by Edd’s proper shoe clean service. The Suede brush also comes out infrequently – but when it does, it never fails to impress by completely sorting out my suede shoes and boots.
  5. The random brush that seems to come out (surprising) more than others in the Tinker and Fix house would have thought is the car interior cleaning brush. Again (see point 3) we don’t ‘do’ overly clean cars – each to their own – if you like detailing and perfecting your car interior, this is a useful addition to your kit. However, if, like us, you spend more time at a laptop and need to keep the darn thing clean – then this might just tick a brush box that you never thought you needed…
  6. Whilst the flowerpot cleaning brush wins the prize for most bizarre looking (yes, it looks like a toilet brush), it’s the garden tool brush that gets more regular use in the Tinker and Fix garden and potting shed. It’s hardcore enough to get rid of the heavy clay-like soil we have in our garden from our tools. Leaving them clean and ready to use again and again.
  7. As we usually have something mechanical either being fixed or restored both the small brass brush and large brass brush are often used.  Great for cleaning metal surfaces when you want to avoid too much surface damage to the item you're cleaning.

We reckon that having the right brush for the job definitely makes the task more enjoyable and saves time in the long run too. So, if you don't already have some of our 'best brushes'... perhaps consider investing in them for a continuous Spring Clean throughout 2022? 

-Lou & Edd- 

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