Coronavirus, supply chains and kit coming back in stock

As life is gradually getting back to the state that no-one ever expected – the ‘new normal’ – we’re also getting back to some consistency with the supply of the tools and equipment we sell. Completely understandably it’s been a tricky few months for manufacturers across the UK and the world – so there have been huge chunks of production time missed.

is definitely coming back with more stock deliveries over the coming weeks – which is great as we have a lot of people waiting for Carhartt aprons (in Carhartt Brown and Black) and overalls (sizing runs of the Duck Bib and the Women's Crawford Bib Overalls ). We’ve got some of the tool belts arriving shortly (in the Carhartt Brown – we have black in stock already). So – if you’re really interested in some Carhartt, but can see we are currently out of stock – just drop us an email and we’ll be able to put you onto our waiting list to get them as soon as they arrive! 

Sneeboer have been inundated with orders over lockdown and they are busy working through their backlog.  Their production is limited by the size of their forge – as well as social distancing. So the wait time is considerable – we have more orders in and they will arrive soon – so, again, please contact us to reserve anything you’d like.  We already have a wait list for the Dutch Planting Trowel – so add your name if you’ve been thinking about buying one.

King Dick are also catching up with their backlog – their factory in Birmingham is up and running but obviously limited by social distancing which impacts output.  We’ve had a delivery – which includes some of their brilliant heritage combination pliers – so we’re up to a full listing of stock of spanners and King Dick tools. 

Niwaki stocks do ebb and flow a bit – mainly due to huge demand – but we do now have plenty of Hori-Hori’s which sold out over lockdown!

Whiteley’s are also back up and making their renowned scissors in their factory in Sheffield.  Their production runs have also been hampered by social distancing – but we are expecting a delivery shortly – which is great as we’ve been out of stock on some of our most popular choices (the DIY scissor and the Black Sidebent) for some time.

We’re glad to continue to support and give orders to everyone at this time – but it’s particularly great to support our UK suppliers with the economy as it is. So, if you want to do your bit, think about investing something from King Dick and Whiteley’s – the money you’ve saved from your meals out on Monday to Wednesday could be put towards some spanners or a pair of scissors that will last for life and passed down too.

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