Christmas starts in the Summer months (no really, for us it does!)

Christmas in July at Tinker and FixAnyone in retail or the magazine industry will tell you that Christmas starts in the summer months. That Christmas in July is a well known phrase. 

It certainly takes a while to get your head around, that Christmas is the focal point of your calendar as a retailer. That it’s never too early to plan for it - to work out what gifts people may want to buy, which magazines may be interested in featuring you and which Christmas shows people may be heading to.

So, in the sweltering months of July and August, we find ourselves fully immersed in thinking about the festival of gift giving. And whilst it’s odd, it’s also incredibly fun - because we really like getting the right gift into people’s hands! We know, from personal experience, just how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for the person who likes to make and mend things, to tinker and fix in the garage or workshop, who restore classic cars or motorbikes, or do DIY or gardening. So we’re happy that Tinker and Fix helps people to get and give great gift ideas. If that means starting in summer months, so be it!

If you are starting your Christmas present buying early - then head to our Christmas gift guides for new and experienced gardeners, DIY enthusiasts, hipsters and makers - we’ve hopefully got everyone covered.

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