Christmas is coming…

Tinker and Fix Christmas with Carhartt

'Tis officially now the season! When the calendar gets turned to December (yes, we still have a physical calendar) we officially begin to feel festive and our thoughts turn to food, family and finding the perfect presents!

We love the challenge of picking out great gifts – that’s sort of how the company came into being. Edd is – how do I put it nicely – difficult to buy for. He doesn’t want anything from the ‘gifts for men’ section of any shop. What he would like is something that he’ll use all year round – something he’ll find interesting or of practical use. Many a year I’ve headed over to screwfix to buy him a very specific thing that he may have mentioned in passing. To be handed a plastic bag with something small in that, whilst it’s something he’d want and like to receive as a present, it looks kind of dull and lacks any Christmas day ‘wow’.  

Everything we sell at Tinker and Fix is giftable (in our eyes!) Yes, you may question why anyone would want a Hultafors utility knife (think Stanley knife – but that’s the brand name, like hoover or biro) – but – genuinely, Edd has been given one of these and loved it. Because it’s something that works brilliantly, he uses and enjoys all year round. I reckon it’s the equivalent of socks for the person who likes to make, mend, tinker or fix. Everyone needs them, and people buy good quality ones at Christmas as gifts. So why not mix it up and replace the boring three pack of socks with a useful utility knife? (I’m not sure that sentence has ever been written before in the history of the internet?!)

Of course we have the bigger gift items that absolutely do make an impression and are perfect to open up with plenty of ‘wow’ on Christmas day. Like some of our tool box selections – for DIY or for gardening. These are presents that come ‘wrapped’ in a toolbox (rather than all the wasteful packaging that’s become so prevalent).

Or we can put something together specifically for you – for the gardener, maker, sewer or DIY’er – a great selection of tools and kit that will be loved and stand the test of time. Just get in touch and we can sort this out for you.

So – it’s the season – enjoy selecting presents (and hopefully, receiving some great ones too). If you need some guidance, check out our Present Profiles, or any of our Gift Guides.

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