Present Profiles...

We wanted to create a really simple way for people to easily buy gifts for their friends and family...

So here are our 'Present Profiles'. A collection of different types of people that you can easily recognise - from their interests and what they already own, what they read or what they like to do -  and then we'll show you the perfect gift they may like.  Of course with any stereotype, they aren't perfect. Some people are the blend of more than one (Edd definitely is!) But it's a tool for helping you to pick out great gifts.  It's what we do every time we are at a show - we'll ask what the recipient is into - what they like to make or mend, how they like to garden, or what car/bike they are restoring or driving. 

Click on the links below to find out more and to watch Edd's video explainer. 

We've got a fair few more to add to these 'Present Profiles' - so keep following us on Instagram to see the next instalment...

The Hipster Lite The Seasoned Gardener
 Gift guide for Hipster Lite - from Tinker and Fix Gift guide for the All Seasoned Gardener - from Tinker and Fix
Hard core arty types Garage Dweller
Lifestyle Gardener The #VanLife Fan
Lifestyle gardener gift ideas from Tinker and Fix Van Life Present profile - gift ideas for van lovers from Tinker and Fix.jpg

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