And fast-forwarding to 16 years later...

Otter Wax from Tinker and Fix

Genuinely – we couldn’t make this stuff up – the 16th wedding anniversary gift is….. wax. Who knew. No – seriously – who knew?! 

Apparently it’s supposed to signify the romance and burning flame that you have carefully kindled over the past 16 years. To be honest, that’s all a bit too Clintons cards for us. But then again, we’ve never bought anything ‘anniversary themed’ because neither of us are particularly good at conforming. So being given a ‘set theme’ for gifts, rather than searching out something that we thought the other would love to be given, just isn’t for us.  You can read more of our thoughts about this on our 'anniversary gifts' page

However, if you are looking for anniversary gifts, we do have some ideas (our version of…!) on the gift section of the website. And if you, like us are about to celebrate your 16th anniversary – why not treat your other half to some Otter Wax?! I’m really not sure I can say anything more this without it being misread! 

- Lou - 

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