£40 and under gifts...

From our experience at events and show, we reckon that the ‘perfect’ amount that a lot of people want to spend on a present (be it birthday, Valentines, anniversary or Christmas) is around £40.  So here’s some gift ideas that you can buy from Tinker and Fix that fit the Bill…. Or perhaps the Sarah in your life (lol – Edd will hate that gag) for around £40…

  • Fedecca build your own craft knife kit - a great kit for someone who loves knives and won't be getting a forge anytime soon to make their own. 
  • Wera Allen Keys - everyone has Allen Keys, but not everyone has good ones - these are, frankly, cool to look at and a pleasure to use. 
  • The Frank Toolroll - made in England by us - from a design passed down through the family. 
  • Ligoo head torch - multi use, rechargeable, great for tight spots and a focused beam. Comes in a great box to store it all in. 
  • Niwaki Sentei Secateurs - outstanding Japanese quality that will be appreciated for year. 
  • Opinel No. 8 Black Penknife Gift Set - everything Opinel does well (knife quality) in a special edition box set (to commemorate their 130th anniversary). 
  • Whiteley's DIY Scissors - made in England, made to last, a great workshop essential for someone who may already have a full toolbox. 
  • Trusco tool boxes - beautifully made in Japan - in a variety of colours, perfect for the garage, workshop or home. 
  • The Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool - everyone needs a Leatherman multi tool in their life - this one's to attach to your keys and have on hand. 

As always, if you want a hand choosing the right gift, we'll happily help - just get in touch.  If you're looking for a present to be sent directly, we can include a note or you can buy one of our cards and we'll write it for you!