What’s the collective name for a lot of toolboxes?

Trusco toolboxes from Japan available in 6 different sizes from Tinker and Fix

The reason we’re asking is that we have a LOT of Trusco and Toyo toolboxes at the moment. Following all the problems with reductions in manufacturing and the ongoing issues of delivery due to container ships, canals and costs - we now have received a backlog of tool box deliveries from Japan.

We’re not complaining - we are happy to receive the orders - as a six month delay is nothing really, in the grand scheme of what the world has been through.  And the quality of the toolboxes - Japanese pressed steel - means that, frankly, they are worth the wait.

But, like buses, the deliveries have backed up. So we’ve received them all at once rather than nicely spread out over the year. Meaning we are fully stocked with Toolboxes of every size and colour.

We’ve got three sizes of cantilever toolboxes in stock - from our very largest three tier (that comes with wheels if you want to add those on), our medium sized toolbox which has two tiers, and the Workbox, which also has two tiers, is the smallest size (it perfectly fits a hammer length ways - so it’s still a great size). 

Colour-wise the cantilever Trusco toolboxes all come in a brilliant blue colour. If you want to have the smallest cantilever toolbox, the Workbox, in a different colour, we have the same box from Toyo in olive, red or black.

Moving away from the large cantilever boxes, we have two different types of smaller tool boxes. We have the Trusco toolbox (we call it the barn top, colloquially, because it has a barn top), and the Trusco Utility toolbox (which we call the flat top, because it has - surprisingly - a flat top).  At the moment we only have the Trusco Utility tool box in olive, blue and silver. The ‘barn top’ tool box is one of our most popular sizes and comes in red, olive, silver, green and blue. If you did want it in white, we’ve got that in the Toyo barn top.

There’s only one thing that’s a problem with offering so many different Japanese toolboxes - each in variety of different colour choices - we have to store them somewhere. Which is why we need to know... what’s the collective name for a lot of toolboxes? We reckon it might just be a ‘shed load’.  Because our storage shed is fully loaded.

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  • I think it’s a ‘ mend ‘ of toolboxes


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