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Gardening gloves available at Tinker and Fix

Canada holds a special place in my heart.  For a number of years in the late 90's Louise and I spent a fair bit of time snowboarding in Alberta & British Columbia.  The exchange rate was good. The snow was amazing. It was also flipping cold.

We used to have breakfast in the same dinner every morning and we'd watch the truck drivers and lumberjacks sitting at the dinner bar having their "3 or 4 egg" omelettes.  I noticed they were all wearing the same light yellow leather gloves. I bought a pair and they've been my go-to gloves ever since ... and are still going strong some 20 years later.

So when it came to stocking gloves, there really was only one option for us. Yes, we looked at some UK suppliers – but our hearts were in Canada and having done the usual testing process with a number of different glove makers, we decided they were definitely the best quality too.

Watson Gloves are the makers of the classic Canadian leather gloves.  They have been going since 1918.  They've developed the materials they use over those years – so it’s not just all about leather now – but durability is still at the core of what they do.  If their gloves are good enough for lumberjacks, dockers, mechanics and gardeners – who all need them to be tough and withstand the Canadian elements - then they are definitely good enough for us here in the UK.

We tested a large range – but, as usual, have selected the ones that we now rate and use ourselves – there’s the Workshop glove, some lightweight gardening gloves that have a good eco footprint (in men’s and women’s cuts/sizes), a glove that suits people with long nails and the what is now legendary in our house – the Game of Thorns garden gauntlet.  And yes, we absolutely chose to test these because of their name (but they do live up to it, and Winter is Coming after all!)

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