We're quite excited about trousers (we need to get out more!)

Carhartt Workwear Trousers from Tinker and Fix - perfect for garage, garden or workshop

We’re big fans of the Carhartt overalls – they are the best workwear as they’re heavy duty and get better with wear. But bibs aren’t for everyone, some people just don’t like the look of them or prefer a trouser for when they’re tinkering and fixing in the garage, garden or workshop. This, combined with the fact that we’ve been struggling to get a supply of overalls in all sizes (mens and womens) during COVID due to the impact on the Carhartt factory, means we’ve been testing out another option.

The workwear trouser are made with the same duck canvas fabric that Carhartt has been using for over 100 years in all of its workwear. Although they are just slightly lighter weight, meaning you don’t need to break them in as much.  

Edd’s done a video about the trousers on Instagram – something, frankly that he never thought he’d be doing - but do take a look if you want to see the features all explained whilst he’s wearing them. Key thing is:

  • The fit is great – they come up true to size (same as the overalls) – with a standard leg length (32)
  • They have reinforced knees, with pockets to put standard foam knee pads or the carhartt knee pads.
  • There’s a stack of really useful pockets – as you’d expect from Carhartt workwear. As well as side and back, there are side pockets, that are really well designed for tools and kit.
  • All the pockets are lined with cordura – which is a very heavy duty, wear-resistant nylon (think backpacks) – meaning they don’t blow through.
  • There’s a detachable pouch that sits nicely on the waist band – which is great for keeping things close to hand, or you can remove it if you prefer. We’ve found this a useful addition and a big plus when compared to the overalls.
  • Finally there’s a hammer loop – if you use/want to keep your hammer to hand.

Edd’s been wearing them for a while and rates them. We’re still trying to get to grips with the size and fit for women (usually we test them out on a couple of different body shapes so we can give you clear sizing info – but we can’t do that at the moment because of COVID – so bear with us, we’ll update you when we can).


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