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We've got a few small gardening events coming up - so if you live in the Leicestershire /  Lincolnshire / Rutland area - you might want to make note in your diaries!

We'll be bringing along a selection of gardening kit to both events. We won't have the full range of Tinker and Fix tools and kit (due to space) - but if you're planning on going to either event and would like to see something specific, especially anything that is non gardening (e.g. King Dick tools, Japanese Toolboxes, Leatherman Multi-tools, Whiteley's scissors etc) - please do just get in touch and we can bring it with us (with absolutely no pressure to buy it - you may just want to see it so you can put it on your birthday or Christmas wish list!) 

We'll try and bring along as much of our range of Niwaki, Sneeboer, Opinel and Carhartt as we can fit in the Landy!

Leicester Botanic Garden Plant Sale and Family Day - Sunday 26th June
Leicester Botanic Gardens are 16 acres of lovingly cultivated grounds and greenhouses, which focus on global biodiversity for research and teaching. Every year they host a Plant Sale and Family Day - which is a great opportunity to have a look around the gardens, pick up some plants and have some fun. We'll be there to have a chat to about garden tools (or tools generally).

Welbourn Open Gardens Event (Lincolnshire) - Sunday 3rd July, 12-6pm

We met a lovely couple of keen gardeners at the Burghley Christmas Market who open their garden through the NGS each year, and they invited us to come along and take part. There are two gardens open, along with the village hall for teas, and the local forge for a look around. We'll be taking along a selection of garden tools and, as this is brilliant charity event, we'll offer visiting gardeners the chance to have their secateurs sharpened for a donation to charity - just remember to bring them with you!

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