We're not big fans of greeting cards...

Cards available at Tinker and FixI'm not a big fan of greetings cards.  Apart from the Christmas cards I used to get from my Grandma (Frank's wife of The Frank Tool Roll fame.)  These were an indication of whether I was in their good books or not.  Normal card - I'd done something wrong.  Card with a bit of embossing - I was doing ok.  Anything with glitter - nailed it.

And then I came across Bewilderbeest aka Iain Hamilton.  His cards just seemed right - awesome illustrations and a tone of voice that just resonates with all things Tinker and Fix. We stock all the tool related cards but he does also does a great range of animal puns that you should check out.  We like what he does so much we asked him to draw our Christmas card and we’re busy thinking of other things we can ask him to illustrate.

We weren’t looking to stock any other cards, but then we stumbled across ‘The Passenger Press Greetings Cards’.  To be honest, we were at a soulless ‘designer gift show’ – we wanted to see what was ‘out there’ that we might be missing out on. Turns out not much because we aren’t really candle and floaty scarf people. The only thing that caught our eye was Rhian Nicholas’ amazing work.  She makes all her cards using an antique letterpress in a studio in Glasgow – and you can absolutely see the brilliance of the machine in the texture and authenticity of the cards.  The fact that all of the images have been found in archives, museums, libraries or stately homes, means they all have a history and a story behind them.  Not something you can say about the selection in Clintons.

However, something Clintons does have and which is seriously lacking in cards from both Bewilderbeest and The Passenger Press – is the lack of glitter, so Grandma might not of loved them as much as we do…

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