We're (almost!) fully stocked!

Stocked up for Christmas with Carhartt, Sneeboer, Niwaki, Opinel and Whiteleys

Good things do come to those who wait...

Especially when it comes to Carhartt, Sneeboer and Opinel, as well as Niwaki and Whiteley's. Stock can sometimes still be difficult to get. But we're happy to report - that we have good supplies of Sneeboer (and even more coming!), Carhartt is returning to normalcy - we have aprons and overalls (mens and womens) after a long time waiting. Which is good timing as a lot of people like to buy the Carhartt apron as a Christmas gift (great for workshop, garage and we also know they are popular for BBQ'ing as well!) The one thing we we are still waiting on is the Carhartt Toolbelt - but we'll let you know when they are back in stock.  Opinel is still also a little variable, as they are still catching up with some lines. 

So, the key thing is (and trust us, this really isn't a pushy sales technique!) - if you see it, and are thinking about it (for yourself or as a Christmas gift for the maker, mender and grower in your life) - it's still a good idea to get it rather than leave it awhile. We'd just hate for you to be disappointed (there's nothing worse than a grumpy gardener who doesn't get the gift they want!) 

And if there is something out of stock that you were thinking of as a present, do just drop us a message and we'll let you know when we expect our next delivery (and can put you onto a wait list). 

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