Trusco toolboxes have landed from Japan!

Selection of toolboxes from Trusco available at Tinker and Fix

Twice a year we get a ‘drop’ from Japan…. of the brilliant Trusco Toolboxes. We know they are on their way… when they are loaded up in Japan and when they arrive in the UK. When they get stopped at customs and when they find their way to us, in the smallest county in England (which always makes us smile – from Japan - the hub of high spec engineering and quality craftsmanship to tiny, rural Rutland – best known for its upside horseshoe).  There are two things we are absolutely certain of, each time the tool boxes arrive.

  1. That this time, we’ve ordered enough to not run out until the next delivery
  2. That this time, we’ve picked the right selection of colours that everyone will want to buy

Each time we encounter an epic fail – but this year? Who knows. We’ll keep you updated.

Essentially the key thing to know is that our next delivery is in early Spring 2021. So, if you do have your eye on a particular colour or size of toolbox, then perhaps get your order in earlier rather than later. Head over to our Trusco pages to find out more about each particular toolbox – but in summary:

Big blue (as we call it) – the GL-420 - is the largest Trusco Toolbox we sell (at the moment!)– it’s a great size for keeping everything in, and opens right out thanks to its cantilever action and huge handles that span the whole of the tool box.

The Trusco Workbox – the ST-350 - is significantly smaller than ‘big blue’, but it’s still a perfect size to keep a lot of tools and we find people often buy these to be ‘inside the house’ toolboxes!

The Trusco Barn Top – the Y-350 - is one of our most best selling toolboxes – it’s a great size to carry around, as well as for the workshop or house. It can store a lot of kit – not only tools, we use them for art supplies and know they are a really popular option for crafters too.

The Trusco Utility (flat top) toolbox – the T-320 -  this is the smallest toolbox we sell and, again, they are a great option for smaller spaces, for workshops and makers. We often use these flat top toolboxes in our gift sets too.

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