Top three for the Sewing Bee...

Sewing Bee rucksack pattern and Whitleys scissors

We do like to watch a bit of The Great British Sewing Bee in the Tinker and Fix household (as well as the whole franchise - be it cakes or pottery - we'll watch it).

As with everyone else who no doubt watches, we are endlessly inspired by the sheer talent of people to be able to step up and make stuff under all that pressure (time and having a camera in your face tracking every moment of success and failure). 

We particularly enjoyed watching episode two where the sewers were challenged to make a backpack. If you're inspired to do the same we have the Right To Roam backpack pattern from Merchant and Mills. Which you could try for yourselves. 

I’m not a good sewer, so I live vicariously though programmes such as these – where I can wonder at the talent and skills of the sewers.  Our collection of tools and kit for sewers are therefore only cursorily tested by us before being properly tested by our sewing ‘pro’ – aka my best mate Liz, who is a ridiculously talented and who would definitely win Sewing Bee if she chose to enter. And yes, of course I’m biased – but she worked at Hampton Court restoring items like the Queen’s wedding dress and the clothes she makes are couture quality.

As with any project, as well as having the right skills and talents, it’s the tools that make the job easier – regardless of whether this is making your own clothes or a new set of curtains.  And the vital tools for sewing are scissors and snips – that’s why we sell Whiteley’s scissors – and the top three tools any sewer needs (and therefore would make a great gift for them) are:

So - if you've been inspired to do more, to start, or to support a sewing fanatic - then look at investing in some quality sewing tools - buy once, buy well and support English manufacturers who only produce the highest quality made in Sheffield steel scissors.

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