Top 5 Tools we’re using this July in the Garden…

It’s July. The garden is blooming. As well as trying to enjoy the fruits of our labour, we’re also busy trying to keep it looking good (not to any high RHS standard, we’re gardening hobbyists – our goal is so that it’s not totally out of control!)

The focus is on weeding and harvesting flowers and veg. Meaning that the most popular tools and kit in our hands at the moment are: 

  1. The trusted Hori-Hori – Japanese trowel that you will wonder how you gardened without it. We’ve moved off from using the serrated edge one for now (no turf to cut or plants to divide) and we’re back to using the standard straight edge one.
  2. I’m switching between using snips and secateurs at the moment – depending on what it is I’m cutting – the snips are really useful for being that little bit more delicate and can get me ‘in’ to where I need. Also – perhaps it’s just me - but I feel like I’m in a different gardening mode. If I have them in my hand I’m going out to collect and gather, rather than going out to cut and sort.  I also use and love the Garden Scissors at this time of the year – there is something so pleasing about using them – which you can’t explain, you have to feel them in your hand for yourself.  They are great for the flower patch and make me feel like I’m a better gardener than I am!
  3. Opinel garden knife – always useful, every month in the garden – but at the mo it’s busy earning its keep cutting string to tie things in and back, as well as taking cuttings and cutting veg (Edd’s particularly delighted it’s courgette time!)
  4. Gloves – I’ve definitely found that the Perfect 10 glove is ‘on the bench’ for the summer months (love them, but they are on the warmer side). Also – it may be personal preference – but I prefer the lighter weight Karma gardening gloves at the moment. Again, perhaps it’s a heat thing, but I also think they are just quite nice and responsive to light cutting work.
  5. Hand hoe – now this is the sign of someone who puts the value of tool truth over a garden tool sale… the tool that is never out of my hand at the moment is the Sneeboer hand hoe. We currently don’t have any in stock – but more are coming in. I also have one of the long handled ones which is EPIC, however they are really long and therefore a complete pain to send out – so Edd’s not keen to stock them. If you want one, we could perhaps order you one and work how to get it to you (we live in Rutland and have a pop-up at the Eco Village in Market Harborough too – so if you are close we could do drop off).  Or if you are in need of a weeding tool right now - Edd swears by and really rates the Niwaki Weeding Hoe

Ok - so I know I've put 5 points and managed to cram in a few more than 5 recommendations - but forgive me - as always, I've gotten a little over zealous!

Enjoy the garden this July. 


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