Tool chalet at Burghley Christmas Fair!

The Burghley Christmas Fair is a great event - it's traditional and really rather lovely.  The house is a beautiful backdrop, and they fill their courtyards full of chalets for Christmas shopping! 

It's incredibly popular event and just has a really nice feel. It's Chrismassy, without being too much. It's got a great selection of gifts but without too many you get bored or overwhelmed!

We took a chalet at the Christmas market last year and really enjoyed meeting new customers and old - and - importantly for this time of the year, helping them to find the perfect present for the maker, mender and gardener in their lives! Because, of course we think we're the best go-to place for presents that are a bit more practical (but still beautiful!). We've got a great selection of gift ideas for people who like to make, mend and grow - from DIY enthusiasts to gardeners, sewers to car or motor bike restorers, or people who just like to tinker in their garage or workshop.  All carefully selected - so we pick our 'best choice' from brands including Carhartt Workwear, Trusco and Toyo toolboxes, Niwaki garden tools, Leatherman multitools, Opinel Penknives and Sneeboer gardening tools. 

And one of the best bits about Burghley Christmas Fair is that its close to home for us - being just on the outskirts of Stamford. Which means we can bring along anything you may want to look at - we can just add it to the car each day! So - let us know (in advance please!) if there's anything you are thinking about buying for Christmas that you'd definitely like to look at. Perhaps something from Carhartt (overalls or gilet) - that we won't have space for. Or one of our bigger Japanese toolboxes from Toyo or Trusco? And whilst we'll have some of our Sneeboer range of garden tools, we can't always fit everything in (and they are so popular as great gifts for gardeners they often sell out!) - if you do want something, just let us know and we'll bring it along!

Trust us, with chalets filled with great gift ideas, the event does makes for a nice shopping trip in readiness for Christmas. Make sure you get your tickets for the Christmas Fair - just click here.

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