Tool box heaven?

Japanese Toyo and Trusco pressed steel tool boxes in stock at Tinker and Fix

We do love a toolbox and we are alway happy when we have a re-stock meaning all of our favourite colour-ways are available! The stockroom is alive with different colours of toolboxes all stacked up - from the classic red, silver and blue toolboxes, to some of the more unusual (and dare I say cooler looking when in hand, but difficult to see online....) of khaki and black. 

So why are Japanese pressed steel tool boxes our favourite - to both use and sell? Well we reckon they are simplicity personified. They do exactly what you need, nothing more. Apart from looking just great. Meaning they work really well about the house or they add a touch of colour to the workshop or garage. Fundamentally they are just so incredibly useful to store everything from tools, art supplies, sewing stuff, to gardening seeds and maintenance kits.

There are 4 different shapes of toolboxes that we currently have in stock (and yes, you probably might 'need' more than one... we seem to!) 

    1. The smallest toolboxes - are called T-190 component boxes - as the are much better for storing components rather than a large selection of tools. They come in a whole range of colours: ones we have in stock at the moment are: Blue, Red, Black, Pea Green, Olive, Italian Yellow and Yellow, Silver and Copper.
    2. What we call the ‘barn top’ (rather than the Toyo Y-350) as it has a bulged top which allows more space to store tools.  We have these in Blue, Red, Olive,  Black, Silver and Yellow (this is Niwaki's yellow toolbox)
    3. What we call the ‘flat top’ - (the Toyo T-320) which, does what it’s name implies and has a flat top. We have these in Red, Blue, Silver and Olive. 
    4. Then we have the larger cantilever toolbox. This is the Toyo  ST-350 and we have these in Blue, Black, Red, Silver, Olive and in yellow too (again - this is Niwaki's toolbox)

If you want to see these toolboxes, and how they compare with each other size wise, take a scroll through our instagram feed and you'll see them in use or a video explaining the sizes of the Toyo toolboxes we have in stock. But - as ever - if it's still not clear - just get in touch and we'll happily help!


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