Tick box gifts

The catalogues are coming in droves now – for seasonal gifts and ideas for presents.  No fear – the animal / train / car / gardening / beer / golf - lover in your life can have that scarf / bookmark / tie / cufflinks / tea towel / keyring adorned with pictures of their purported ‘love’.

And if you really love this person, you’d personalise it too. Boom. Box ticked. Christmas sorted.

If this ticks your box – move on. Buy one of the weekend papers and watch for the cascade of catalogues.  Seek your gift nirvana elsewhere.

If, like us, you’re bored of tick box gifts, have a look through our selection.  We won’t suit everyone. We’re a bit specialist. We know that. But we’re ok with that too.  Tinker and Fix was born out of a furtive need to find gifts for each other that had meaning and would last. Way beyond the ‘gift box selection 43b’ – you know the one, with a pair of socks, a mug and either some hand cream for her or a beer bottle opener in the shape of a spanner for him.

All of the stuff we select has come from wanting to buy something really nice, really useful and something that will last for many, many years.  It started with the Elementary Screwdriver. Edd still uses it after 5+ years. It gets better with age and we’ve since given it as a gift to many of our friends and family.  Our latest edition to the range, the Japanese Fedeca knife kits (coming soon to the website!), is a gift Edd really wants to get and give.  So whilst we’re hopefully solving your gifting needs… we’ve inadvertently caused a problem in our own household – the gifts under our tree this year won’t be a surprise – but they will be well received.

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