This whole Black Friday thing.

I’m generally positive about American imports - especially those with a V8. I’m partial to a Crispy Crème donut and two of the brands we stock are American (you can’t get more red, white and blue than Carhartt).

However, sitting here in the UK during the third week of November I just don’t get the hype around Black Friday.  We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and the third Friday in the eleventh month isn’t a national holiday when we historically flock to worship at the altar of retail.

Yet most UK retailers seem to have embraced this discounting frenzy with both hands.  Ever since Asda turned American (thanks to Walmart) and sold a handful of super-cheap TVs which resulted in a barrage of publicity and people (albeit bloody nosed) spending money their store.   

I’m sure your inbox is no different to mine and despite opting out of everything when GDPR came into force, you are repeatedly deleting what seems like an unrelenting stream of Black Friday emails. Which I started getting last week. A week before the Friday that has no relevance in our calendar.

So, we’re taking the whole thing literally.

On Friday, and only Friday, you can buy everything that is black in our store at a slightly discounted price. That’s what Black Friday means to us at Tinker and Fix.

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