The ultimate turf cutter?

Serrated Hori Hori garden knife on a pile of turf after cutting it. One of the most often asked questions at shows is 'which is your favourite tool'?
To be honest, the answer varies depending on: 
1. whom you are asking - my answer is likely to be very different to Edd's answer. 
2. the time of the year - what job we are doing and therefore what we have 'in our hands' at the time.  Yes, we really can be that fickle. But rightly so we reckon - some tools you use infrequently, but when you do, you remember why it is so great.

There are, of course, some constants - and the Hori-Hori garden knife is now, very firmly, a favourite gardening tool. But - specifically - it's the serrated one that we both really rate. No more so than this weekend when turf needed to be cut (in order to dig a hole for a tree). It makes the job of cutting turf so easy - honestly - you can cut the outline of the area you want to remove the grass, then just cut strips out. It's ridiculously easy and therefore the job is done quickly (shame we can't say the same for digging any holes in our garden given how heavy and filled with stones our soil is). 

And, as fate would have it, and we really couldn't have made this up... (honestly - it's just not our style and we wouldn't have thought of it anyway) as Edd's in mid flow cutting turf with our serrated Hori Hori (yes we really do use the tools and kit we sell and talk about), the DHL van arrives to deliver our new stock, straight from Japan. Yes, on Easter Monday no less (he wasn't turning down double time pay). 

Which means - we are now finally fully up to stock with Hori-Hori garden knifes. You can chose from four different types of Hori-Hori's at Tinker and Fix:  

If you ask (both of) us which is our favourite - it's the serrated Hori Hori. But if you want to make up your own mind and find out a little more about each of them and which Hori Hori is best for you to buy for yourself or as a gift for the gardener in your life, then read our 'how to choose' guide here. 

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