The Tinker and Fix 'Liggoo' torch wins IndyBest award!

IndyBest award winning Liggo Light Looks like we’ve gone and done it again - getting another ‘IndyBest’ award for one of our products!

This time it’s for our Liggoo - a torch that once you have, you don’t quite know how you’ve ever lived without it. Yes, everyone usually has a stack of different torches around the house and garage, so you may not think you need yet another one for your collection. But the Liggoo offers a huge amount of versatility with all the attachments it comes with - so it can be used in a variety of different ways.

The IndyBest review is definitely worth a read... they describe the Liggoo as being ‘by far and away the most versatile torch here, there is nothing the Liggoo can’t do.”

We obviously agree - as it’s the only torch we sell. The light unit can be added to the torch handle, to a magnetic clip, to a hook, or to a head band. It can be angled to direct light to where you need, it’s re-chargeable, has multiple settings for brightness and whether it is constant or flashing. Oh and it all comes in a handy case to keep it together (which also means it looks like a great gift for the DIY’er, fixer, maker or people who like to camp).

What we really like about the IndyBest review is that they actually test the kit for a decent amount of time - just like we do. It’s also great that, from our experience, it’s different people testing different products - which makes sense. So the reviewer who tested our ‘IndyBest’ gardening gloves wasn’t the same as the person who rated the Liggoo.

Without putting too finer a point on it - it’s a proud day in the Tinker and Fix house - because these are products that Edd has looked for - wanting to stock a light or gloves - then he’s tested them. For ages. And made a decision to stand by them and say we recommend them. For others - like the IndyBest - to recognise they are the best bits of kit - is just great.


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