The route to hoarding

We’ve all watched those programmes on the likes of Quest and the Discovery Chanel where garages and barns are opened to reveal multiple cars, motorbikes or bicycles.  Fair enough when the individual appears to be a collector but a lot of them don’t seem to define themselves that way.  They seem to have acquired project after project and things just got out of hand.

Over the years I’ve moved from the “That would never happen to me” to being on the at risk register.  That potential reality dawned on me recently when I was greeted by the sight of three Norman Nippy mopeds sat in the garage.  I’d spotted one of these British made 1960’s 49cc mopeds a month or so earlier ..... and now I owned three in various condition.  How the hell did that happen, especially given I’d never ridden one?

For me the facilitators were cost and space.  The Normans were relatively cheap (hence ending up with three) and they didn’t take up much space in the garage.  I now recognise that given the financial ability and the space I could end up on some TV show being asked why I have a shed full of lawnmowers and an armoured personal carrier......

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