The Frank Tool roll is a Mini World magazine 'must have'!

The Frank Tool Roll rated a 'must have' by Mini World Magazine

We are delighted that Mini World magazine have declared The Frank tool roll to be a 'must have' for keeping essential tools safe!

As The Frank is our own product, designed by Edd and made in England with British fabric and fixings, we're really pleased!

The Frank toolroll was inspired by one passed on by Edd's grandpa Frank. It's what we call the 'goldilocks' size as it fits just enough tools in to make it useful for carrying around in the car - which makes it particularly useful if you drive an old, classic or restored car (which may or may not need a bit of roadside assistance!)

Two Toolrolls from Tinker and Fix

Made from waxed cotton fabric, The Frank Toolroll will gain patina with age and use. We know some classic car owners who have different Frank Toolrolls for their different cars - to make sure they have the right metric, imperial or Whitworth spanners to hand. 

The Tool Roll is available in Khaki or Maroon either unfilled (£34.95), or filled with King Dick tools (£99.95) (and yes, this can be in your choice of Metric, Imperial or Whitworth - as King Dick still make all three types of spanner in the UK). 

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