The curse of the adjustable spanner

The sight of somebody using an adjustable spanner is usually accompanied by the collective sound of air being sucked through teeth.  I’ve often been told they have no place in the workshop.  Why use a tool that’s likely to damage the nut when you could just use the right sized spanner or socket?  I agree with that generally but I do think they have a place and that’s as part of a vehicles tool kit.

The Tinker and Fix fleet currently sits at four.  The newest is now 10 years old and the oldest 47.  That means I need a tool kit in each of them (yes – I could have one that I move between them.  All that would guarantee would be that it wouldn’t be in the one that breaks down.)  The cost, and weight, of four tool kits really starts to add up.  Plus on the Land Rover for example I could need anything from a 10mm to a 32mm (and with a ‘keep you on your toes’ smattering of Imperial in there as well.)

So a good quality adjustable spanner is a great addition to the roll sitting alongside a 10mm and 13mm spanner.  After all these are being used as a get me rolling again fix rather than a careful rebuild.

So for me a good quality adjustable spanner is necessary in every tool kit .... I just have to resist the urge to also use it as a hammer.

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