The "Black Noir" Black Friday Hatchet

Black Friday Axe with Alex Pole head from Tinker and Fix

This whole culture of "Black Friday" sucks...

It came about as a term used by American retailers to mark the point in the year when they moved from the 'red' into the 'black'.  That's right - a lot of retailers operate at a loss (being in the 'red') until the sale weekend after Thanksgiving.  Then they have the run until the end of the year to make a profit.  And they make this happen this by having massive sales and discounts. This all just seems like complete madness to us... we don't 'do' Black Friday'. And we haven't turned the opposite way - so we don't 'do' 'Colour Friday', even though we are a small independent business.

Instead, we do our own version of Black Friday - Tinker and Fix style.  Which doesn't feature any discounts (now or at anytime of the year) - if you're curious, have a read about more of our reasons for not offering discounts here.

We like to celebrate the colour black. And how sometimes, it just makes things look that bit nicer. We've done Black Friday trowels and Frank toolrolls in previous years. So it only seemed fitting, in the year that we've made the Tinker and Fix Axe, to give it the Black Friday treatment. 

We've made a one off full black version of our 1lb hatchet.

That's right - black leather sheath with black stitching and a fully black stained ash handle.  

Fancy it? Then buy it here and put two fingers up to 'Black Friday'. 

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