Swap saccharine Mother’s Day gifts for something useful + long lasting

Mothers day gift ideas from Tinker and Fix

 Mother’s Day is coming up on the 19th March and the wave of pastel coloured, ‘female friendly’ gifts are already infiltrating social feeds and shop windows.

If you’re looking for something that is a little less generic and saccharine, and a lot more useful and long lasting, then perhaps we can help with some Mother’s Day gift ideas.

We’ve got a stack of great gift ideas for the mum who likes to tinker and fix, grow, make and mend. As well as our gift guide for mums day, we also have some ideas of what you could swap....

So why not swap:

Surely I can’t be the ONLY mum who’d prefer these options? Who’d prefer a thoughtful gift that will last, rather than a transient generic one?

If you’d ever like any help picking out the perfect present – for mum’s day (or dad’s day), birthday or anniversaries – just get in touch and we’ll happily have a chat.

- Lou - 

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